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About Don Galade

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Donald A. Galade has been serving people in the financial services industry since 1987. He is CEO of Kingdom Financial Ministries, a Christian-Based Registered Investment Advisory firm. The Lord has blessed him with a wonderful wife Cheryl and three amazing children,

who are also involved in ministry.

A student of the Word, Don has earned certificates of Theology, Ministerial Studies, and Bible Prophecy from the International School of the Word. (ISOW) 

Author of multiple books, In God We Trust, the Dollar We Worship (an International Amazon Best Seller) is a book that encourages readers in their faith and their ability to become better stewards of their resources.


His book 5 Steps, walks the reader through the process of obtaining financial freedom. His next book; Non-Prophet, does not have a release date.

Looking to help change the world through media this Best Selling author, is also a classically trained musician and a producer of Christian films. Added to his list of credits is an epic      Pro-Life documentary called The Voice of John, starring Perry Stone, Dr. Alveda King, and Father Frank Pavone. He also produced a music CD called, More of Him, by the Christian recording artist Less of Us!    


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International Best- Selling Author

TV Personality/Talk Show

Christian Singer Musician/Composer

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Film Producer

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